A new, innovative line of high protein, high caffeine, functional coffee!



It took us 2 years to develop Kaffi’s proprietary energy system and we didn’t stop until we had a delicious drink that has the capabilities to unleash your potential. It’s tastier than what you get at your favorite coffee shop. The ingredients are clean. And Kaffi gives you long, long, long lasting energy.

Kaffi packs a punch - 1 bottle goes a long way.

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1 3/4 Cups of Coffee

Each delicious bottle of Kaffi contains between 1 ½ and 1 ¾ cups of coffee, giving you the energy to take on the toughest challenges!

GMO Free

We do not use genetically modified ingredients in any of our products. This includes the raw materials used for processing and any processing aids used during manufacture.

Gluten Free

Kaffi is 100% gluten free and carefully crafted and packaged in our gluten free facilities.


Kaffi is a delicious coffee drink that’s crafted using our proprietary energy system so that you can conquer.


We carefully roast selected Colombian coffee beans in order to retain the maximum amount of caffeine and the cleanest, purest coffee taste.

  • • Our dairy comes from grass-fed cows.
  • • We use organic caffeine for that extra boost.
  • • Kaffi is crafted with pride in the US.


I’m Smári, and I’m the creator of Kaffi. I moved to the US from Iceland at the age of 20, but I never lost my roots in clean eating, everyday strength, and staying brave. As a dad keeping up both with my work and raising my son, I needed my coffee and my breakfast in one - on the go. It had to be delicious, it had to be healthy, and it had to keep me satisfied for several hours.



Best tasting energy drink I have ever had!!!

Ken Burke

Just got my 12 pack of Kaffi and absolutely loving it. The taste is incredible and goes down nice and smooth. My favorite flavor is the Iced Mocha…Yum!!! Also for an energy drink, it didn’t give me the jitters. Instead just got a little extra boost for my midafternoon break. Also the package came and the drinks were nice and cold right out of the box which I liked. I literally opened the box and downed one. I would definitely recommend you give Kaffi a try. It is better than any other energy drink I have tried so far.

Silky smooth and truly tasty

Amy Eden Jollymore

I really like this product! The feel of it is incredibly silky-smooth, and just a hint of sweetness. I find myself sipping it and savoring the taste. I honestly expected a strong coffee taste, but it's mild, not at all overwhelming. It's a very balanced taste. Smooth is the best word for it. My two favorites are the New Orleans and Keto, which has the highest protein, lowest sugar. For me this is the ideal 3 p.m. snack, exactly when I'm feeling my energy sink and I need "something" (and not sugar!) I'm new to protein drinks, but this feels familiar somehow, like a smooth, mild and milky iced coffee. I'm excited about this one.

A little bravery, right when I need it.

None of your business

I really like Kaffi. What I first noticed as I was loading my order into the fridge, were the two words, "Restores bravery." I got it; the viking horns, the "Icelandic" reference, even the brand name, "Smari" (which I later learned is the founder's name). It all supports this idea of "bravery." Maybe it was placebo effect, maybe not, but after drinking my first bottle, rather quickly because it was very tasty, I felt a little less like procrastinating and a bit more like getting after my work. With Covid and our social unrest, I think we could all use a little more bravery these days — so I'll keep throwing myself on the Kaffi — and putting myself out there. Thanks.

Keto Kaffi


The flavor is delicious and nice to have a few sips without making a pot of coffee, plus it's chilled which is great for the warmer months. Smari as a shipper is quick and responsive.

Wow! Protein and Coffee together, a perfect breakfast

Ronald Banaszak

Not only does the Iced Mocha taste great, it is full of protein. Normally after my post workout meal I woudl drink a cup of coffee and then make a protein shake or eat high protein rich food. Now they are together in a great tasting beverage. Kaffi is my new favorite morning beverage.

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